Open Source Contributions

Crionics contributes to many open source initiatives - We value Open Source Software (OSS) as a driver to innovation.

G2 - git client

A set of command line macros which greatly improve git productivity.

Meteor Typescript

Use TypeScript in your Meteor projects!


Quickly share files via the browser.

jQuery Validator

A good looking form validator.

Swing Samples

Set of sample code for complex Swing widgets.

Git - clean history hook

Ensure a linear history accros contributors. A must have for any team using GIT as a source control.

Expression Evaluator

A simple formula evaluator. Supports variables, sub expressions and operator priority.


Automatic component layout for MooTools.


Rating widget for mooTools.

Play authenticity token

CSRP authenticity token counter measure. Build for the Play framework to secure pages against security injections.

Play markdown

Markdown pre-processor for the Play framework.


A fast MandelBrot renderer.