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IT Strategy / EA

Optimize IT investments getting more visibility around your current and future state. Control operating costs, plan ahead - get visibility about the building blocks and processes that compose the organization. Identify their functions and relationships, then focus on reuse to simplify the IT landscape and the associate investments.

Crionics experts can assess the maturity of the organization, identify the AS-IS and drive the transformation that supports the TO-BE.

Solution Architecture

Solution Architecture is a key area which defines a reference architecture and translates it into tangibles modifications of the system.

Our specialists can assess your IT and propose solutions to modernize it.


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Service Architecture

Defining a proper service oriented architecture is not easy! Indeed, it takes multiple skills, from business process identification, decoupling, layering, componentisation, public/private access points, security, monitoring. It’s tedious!

Let Crionics demonstrate its expertise. Over the years we developed a unique know-how which can drive the success of your implementation.

Dev Ops

Minimize opearational costs by virtualizing your IT infrastructure. Improve time to market in the development pipeline by virtualizing API and Services. Automate integration testing with mock instances or parrellelise development efforts by giving different teams a preview of a live instance.

Crionics has the know how to speed up the your SDLC process.


Are you concerned by the growing number of digital attacks? Crionics has expertise in implementating software and hardware solutions to protect your digital assets.

Starting with a security audit, we can quickly identify the weak points and propose a mitigation strategy.

Continuous Integration

Maintaining a solid path to production can be a complex task as the number of parallel project grows.

Crionics can build CI automations tailored to the governance and security processes in place at your organization.

Cloud Computing

Speed up development by leveraging pre-built SaaS (Software as a Service) applications. Nowadays, integrations can bring significant benefits over building solutions from scratch.

Pick a CRM, a store front, a shopping cart, a payment gateway - Let Crionics recommend which components will fit your business best.


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We engineer, architect and develop complex IT solutions.

In 2000, an ambitious team of engineers founded Crionics with the vision of providing cost effective solutions to increase business productivity. After more than a decade of consulting and product development, Crionics is now a mature software consulting company based in Miami, FL (USA) with a strong commitment on maintaining a solid customer relationship.


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