We strives to keep customers satisfied by providing high-quality products backed up by our unconditional guarantee and personalized service.

Our software are being used by some of the largest corporations, check our references and see who is using our software.

"If this is how you treat a non-customer it speaks volumes about the quality of your support!" Bob

"Really appreciate your prompt support and patience with us all this time. " S.H.

"Thanks so much for all your help with this. You're a pleasure to work with. We all really appreciate the time you have spent with us in getting all this handled." Amy

Play Frameowrk

Play Framework

Are you a Player?

Play is a Web framework that brings fresh air to the Java community. Inspired from Rails it enforces a clean design that boosts developer's productivity. Exit J2EE, a typical Play project is faster to develop and easier to maintain.

Ever complained about Java frameworks being too complex or too slow?
Ever wondered why open source developers move to Rails?

Try Play! It makes Java development fun again...

Crionics jPDF

jPDF Suite

PDF manipulation softwares for Java

We offer affordable server-based PDF solutions that take the guesswork out of the PDF conversion process, making it both simple and seamless to end users. Licensed per server, these products can help your organization significantly reduce software and support costs by offering centralized PDF generation and development functionalities.

Our productivity tools are 100% Java and work on a large variety of platforms. They can be embedded easily into application programs as each component works independently and does not require any third party application or library.

jPDF Viewer

jPDF Viewer

Java Visual Component for PDF

Based on Swing, a java standard for user interface design, jPDF Viewer is a Java component that adds PDF visualization capabilities to any front end.

Quickly drag and drop the component in your development project and you will soon display eye catching documents and presentations straight within your user interface.

In fact we are so proud that we made it our technology showcase - free of charge


Crionics Inc. is a privately held software company, founded on 2002 in the Sunshine state of Florida, USA.

We don't believe in rigid methodologies or exhaustive specs. The best software is made through a flexible, iterative process, by small teams of talented people.

Napoleon once said "A good drawing is better than a long speech".
Which at Crionics we like to apply as "A good mockup is better than a long spec".


Our expertise

Project Optimization - WebDevelopment - Middleware - Data modeling

Simplify your IT! Crionics has the know how to run a team and optimize development costs. We have expertise in driving projects and picking technologies that will bring your company to success. From frontends to the database, through middlewares and application servers: we provide guidance.

Nowadays, corporations value the benefits of open source. It is common to find open source frameworks or even full stack application servers in a business environment.

Crionics Inc. contributes to many open source initiatives, please use the link below to


Open Source

Community driven Innovation

The last 10 years have seen a drastic change in the way innovation is driven.
OpenSource software has taken a lead role in driving the software landscape: from the Firefox and Chrome browsers to the Apache Web Server, Linux, Ruby, Python and Perl -- all began their life as open source projects.

Nowadays, corporations value the benefits of open source. It is common to find open source frameworks or even full stack application servers in a business environment.

Crionics Inc. contributes to many open source initiatives, we can help your company be more productive by simplifying its IT with innovative ideas.

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Company history

In 2000, an ambitious team of software engineers founded Crionics with the vision of providing cost effective PDF solutions to increase e-business productivity. After 3 years of extensive research and testing, jPDF (Java Portable Document Format) was presented to the public with overwhelming success. Since this first product release, Crionics has been recognized as a power-developer of Java technology and PDF.

Since 2003, Crionics has built a substantial market presence with over 200 customers worldwide representing every industry - including IBM, Vodafone, Verizon, Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch, Aon (see our references). Typical users of our PDF technology include developers, integrators, consultants, customizing specialists and IT-departments.

Today, Crionics is still a privately held company based in Miami, FL (USA) with a strong commitment of maintaining solid product support while constantly searching for innovating technologies.

Our values

Commitment: Our people are dedicated to exceeding our customers' expectations - helping them stay well ahead of the competition.
Insight: At Crionics we focus on deeply understanding each and every one of our customers' unique business needs - clearer insight equals better solutions.
Innovation: We are constantly striving to make our product the most complete, the most usable, and the most effective performance management solution in the world.

Customer Service Promise

Our team is committed to providing effective, solution focused, and professional service to every customer in every interaction. We make every effort to show care and respect.


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Hours of operation

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